Why Choose Funfit

Our aim is to help you create a balanced lifestyle where you combine great health with self-confidence, family, friendship, inspiration and new experiences.



Funfit classes are for women only, and they don’t take place inside a gym.  Our classes are held in safe, community locations so you can feel comfortable getting a sweat on!


Community and Support

You’ll make life-long friends with women working towards similar goals.  We regularly get together socially outside classes to have fun, and hold a range of events throughout the year.  We also have a vibrant members-only group on Facebook for sharing support and inspiration.


New Experiences

You will get to try a new experience.  This could be anything from bounce to ballet, judo, yoga, pilates, haircare, nutrition, or beauty advice!


Special Offers

Funfit works with local businesses to provide special offers to our members. 


Flexible and Affordable

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer a range of classes and programmes to fit your lifestyle and budget.



Funfit is not about size; it’s about being healthy and happy in your own skin.


Funfit is about balance, family, support, inspiration, tears, happiness and most of all the confidence to be YOU.


Funfit is women only; we are special and too often we feel the need to be like men in this ‘new’ world.  We need to remember to feel sexy and womanly.


Funfit is a lifestyle; it’s about living your whole life with a cherry on top.  


Recognising who you are, accepting this and making small changes to become the person you truly love.


Best of all, you’re going to look and feel great!