Funfit is not about size; it’s about being healthy and happy in your own skin.

Funfit is about balance, family, support, inspiration, tears, happiness and most of all the confidence to be YOU.

Funfit is women only; we are special and too often we feel the need to be like men in this ‘new’ world.  We need to remember to feel sexy and womanly.

Funfit is a lifestyle; it’s about living your whole life with a cherry on top.  Recognising who you are, accepting this and making small changes to become the person you truly love.

Best of all, you’re going to look and feel great!

Nutrition Sessions

Our qualified nutritionists will ensure you get results by offering personalised advice and solutions specific to your needs and lifestyle.

Our nutritionists deliver simple and encouraging health and nutrition information.  We know that you would have heard so much over the course of your life about what to eat and what not to eat.  We are all about adding to, rather than taking away, unless you have medical reasons, allergies or a food intolerance.  No food should be off limits and we like to talk about ‘Getting the Goods’.  

Getting the goods is about optimising what you are putting into your body, having plenty of variety, colour and types of nourishing food while still enjoying indulgences.  All whilst addressing what we are saying to ourselves as well.

We do this together.


This is the information gathering session where your nutritionist will gain in-depth information about your health and nutrition needs.  

It is important that we take the time to understand your lifestyle, diet, medical issues, barriers to achieving results, and making sure the plan is personalised to you.



Follow-ups are conducted at a frequency agreed upon with your nutritionist.  Follow-ups are essential for accountability, for tweaks to your plan and to keep you moving forward to achieving your goals.

These sessions may include discussing food plans, challenges, wins, what has worked, and make sure we are on track.

Making sure that your body is ‘Getting the goods’ and optimizing your food and energy?

KICKSTART PACKAGE - $270 (save $30)

Includes 1 x Initial Session and 2 x Follow-ups

Email info@funfit to book your session or call 021 474 023

Wellbeing Sessions

Working with our coaches is full of accountability, conversations, mindset shifting, truthful insights, and practical advice. We will help you make the right steps to create the healthy habits, lifestyle, and happiness you desire.

We'll clear out the self-doubt, those negative thoughts that are holding you back, reconnect you to yourself, and create a fun, simple, time-effective plan to having you move forward with confidence and great health.

And we'll keep moving forward in a fun and purposeful way when the motivation and perfectionism start to creep in, so you can finally bring those dreams to life.



This is the information gathering session where your Coach will gain in depth information about you and what you are hoping to achieve.

During this session we will create an individualised plan, to get you moving forward with confidence.

We will begin to gain clarity on what it is you desire, what has been holding you back and put it all together in a no BS way.  You will have achievable steps to keep you on track.

You will leave energised, with your mojo back and a renewed focus on what your life can look like.



Follow ups are conducted at an agreed time with your coach.  Follow ups are essential to get the accountability you need to adjust, keep you on track and deal with any of the procrastination, self-sabotage or limiting behaviours that have held you back in the past.  These are the cherry on top to living a life you desire.

People leave our sessions saying things like This is just the ‘boost’, ‘motivation’, or ‘clarity’ that I needed to get me going again.


KICKSTART PACKAGE - $270 (save $30)

Includes 1 x Initial Session and 2 x Follow-ups


Email info@funfit to book your session or call 021 474 023