Lost motivation and/or your mojo?

Need a boost of energy and clarity?

Sometimes sitting down with someone who is not your friend can do wonders for you.  We will look at what is going on for you, starting with your habits, mindset, what you want to achieve, and how you begin each day.

Yes, it may be a bit uncomfortable at moments, but we will create a path so clear forward about what YOU desire, that you will leave with a kickstart action plan with achievable milestones to keep you on track.

You’ll walk away with renewed focus and motivation to achieve the wellness and lifestyle desires that you really want.

All of this, whilst having a lovely cuppa and some delicious food.

People leave these kickstart sessions saying:
This is just the ‘boost’, ‘motivation’, or ‘clarity’ that I needed to get me going again.

In-person and online available

What people are saying about working with Laurinda:

“Today I had a 30-minute coaching session with Laurinda. In the session, we redefined my desire, broke down the barriers to achieving it. I committed to myself, to achieve my desire, and we made a plan that reflects my real everyday life.
In such a short time, Laurinda asked questions that made me think and pinpointed the personal challenges that I need to embrace that will bring the changes I desire.
I feel empowered to make the adjustments to my days that will bridge the gap to my desire being my reality in six months' time. This was just the boost I needed!” Sarah Bunting

"Laurinda has a unique ability to see through the forest and find the tree that is important for the woman she is working with. She helps you focus on your journey and what outcomes are personal to you and then keeps you totally focussed and driven to work towards those outcomes." - Nicole

Every day I am coaching (having conversations) women to drop the self-sabotage and take consistent steps to move forward with confidence.

Achieving your wellness and lifestyle desires takes self-belief and consistent action and YOU can do it.

Even when the going gets tough.

But deep down you know this, don't you. You may just have lost your way a bit. Maybe you're feeling stuck and uninspired. Self-doubt is creeping in - telling you you're not good enough.

Let's put a stop to this RIGHT NOW!

You are MORE THAN good enough.  There's nothing wrong with you.  It's your inner critic playing 
BS games with you.

Let's turn down that inner voice of fear that's on constant repeat.  Let's clarify what you really want to achieve and get you taking consistent steps towards your desires.  NO EXCUSES!

Because YOU DO YOU
! and YOU are amazing.

Join me for just 60 minutes of your long beautiful life to get you moving forward with confidence and creating healthy habits for life.

Let's kickstart your wellbeing