5 Day Get the Goods Challenge

Nutrition for Brain, Boost and Booty

Our qualified nutritionists will ensure you get results by offering personalised advice and solutions specific to your needs and lifestyle. Our nutritionists deliver simple and encouraging health and nutrition information. We know that you would have heard so much over the course of your life about what to eat and what not to eat. We are all about adding to, rather than taking away, unless you have medical reasons, allergies or a food intolerance. No food should be off limits and we like to talk about ‘Getting the Goods’. Getting the goods is about optimising what you are putting into your body, having plenty of variety, colour and types of nourishing food while still enjoying indulgences. We do this together.


  • Look at yourself with love and confidence

  • Boost your energy levels

  • Enjoy clarity from the overwhelm and move forward with confidence of what to eat.

  • Through restrictive diets out the window and enjoy the 'odd' cheesecake, hot chips etc

  • And you'll do it all with small steps you can apply in 10-15 minutes or less!

What do you get:

  • Support from qualified Nutritionist ready to inspire you to get the GOODS!

  • Live workshops that you can participate in.

  • Daily challenges that take no longer than 10 minutes a day. Designed to to inspire, motivate and educate you to implement health habits

  • Supportive online community of like-minded women and health professionals ready to support you

  • FREE recipe book full of delicious recipes to keep you fuller for longer

  • PLUS.... a special surprise for you at the end of the challenge!

Hear from ladies just like you....

These are their words

“I’m more focused on myself and celebrating all my wins no matter how big or small 😊”

Shanley Gamble

“Thanks for the daily chat. Always good to learn something new especially if helps me sleep better.”

Denise Steele

“So great to be reminded to breathe, take time for me and refocus. Thank you.”

Chris Taylor

“Excellent session. ”


I want to be one of these inspiring women

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The RIGHT time is now.

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About Cherise

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Hello! It seems like I fell into nutrition by accident, when in reality there were a lot of nudges along the path. First off, like a lot of people, I grew up eating whatever I was given or fancied with little thought about anything more than “Is it yummy?”.

Then, at age 22, I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. I was quite ill and told to stop eating gluten immediately (and for the rest of my life). Cool. What’s gluten? I had no idea.

So, overnight I went from having zero thought about food other than taste and expense to having to learn very quickly what I could and couldn’t eat as my health depended on it. There wasn’t a heap of information and very few people understood it back then.

At the time, I was working in the health sector and started to join the dots between food that helped people to recover or stay healthy and food that didn’t. 

Fast forward a few years and one of my children developed eczema as a baby and asthma as a toddler. Not satisfied with just treating with medication, we tried to investigate some things like food triggers and it was hard work and very expensive. 

I was so frustrated that something we all do everyday (prepare and eat food) was so hard to get accurate, understandable information to make sense of health conditions and how to improve or prevent them.

That, I guess was the turning point- I wanted to train in nutrition so I could help make sure information was accurate, accessible and applicable for all. So back to uni I went.

My passion is just that- those 3 A’s, helping people make great choices about feeding themselves, their family and friends to enjoy awesome healthy bodies that do what they are supposed to.

About Laurinda

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I’m Laurinda, a mum to a beautiful girl, we live in Orewa and work in Albany. Its my mission in life to help women like you get more out of life and feel great.

2020 was an interesting year for everyone. For me, I recovered from cancer for the 2nd time, we were all thrown into lockdown - it was all a bit of a shock.

I was so very fortunate to have my women's group, the Funfit family, so that we could all connect and weather the storms of 2020 together.

With all the experiences last year I wanted to help women get a great start to 2021 so I created the 7 day Funfit challenge.  

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